Closed projects


ArtinLan (A Global Virtual Village for Languages & Art) will develop a learning method that incorporates art in the foreign language lessons in the youngest grades in primary school.

Read more: ARTinLAN


The ARTEM project develops an innovative training program that aims to strengthen intercultural competencies among professionals or volunteers working with refugees / immigrants and to strengthen competences among refugees / immigrants, so that they can be better included in their new communities.

Read more: ARTEM

Work-VR - Piloting Virtual Reality for Language Learning in the Context of Employability


The project will test Virtual Reality technology as a way to increase the language learning and digital skills of refugees and immigrants.

Read more: Work-VR - Piloting Virtual Reality for Language Learning in the Context of Employability


Video-Based Peer Practice among Language Teachers (V-PAL) will enable language teachers to use video recordings in their competency development and quality improvement of their teaching. The target group is teachers who teach adults in second or foreign languages.

Read more: V-PAL

Skolen for alle


"Skolen for Alle" is a pilot project that focuses on parents who have Danish as a second language and who have children who go or have to go to school. The project will support the parents in understanding the Danish school model and in communicating with the school.

Read more: Skolen for alle

"Signs" Goes North


"Signs" Go North will develop an innovative model to enhance cultural diversity and social inclusion. Through visual representations and 'digital storytelling', newly arrived refugees and immigrants will gain access to the local language and culture, as well as local people will be introduced to the cultures and languages of the newcomers.

Read more: "Signs" Goes North


EUROSIM (Hunt for Europe: Using Language Simulator in Culture & Language Integrated Learning) aims to support and strengthen the learning of different European languages and cultures, and promote European languages and cultural diversity.

Read more: EUROSIM


The objective of WorkSim is to develop labour market oriented language learning modules that can be used by both resident and future adult immigrants.

Read more: WorkSim



The objective of StartDansk is to offer students at the language centres’ Danish Education 1, Module 1 and 2, a simple and relevant IT material that supports both language acquisition and digital skills development.

Read more: StartDansk



Project Nordlinjen is about being young in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Denmark. The overall goal is to create greater awareness and greater insight into the community that the young people are part of.

Read more: Nordlinjen



The objective of AsylDansk is to establish an IT learning cluster on, respectively, Thyregod and Jelling Asylcenter, where residents can begin to acquire knowledge of the Danish language, as well as culture, through the game "The Hunt for Harald".

Read more: AsylDansk


The project is about learning neighboring languages in the 5th, 6th and 7th grade in primary schools. Learning neighboring languages is considered a shortcut to learning foreign languages, opening up new opportunities for working with linguistic awareness and becoming more aware of your own language and culture.

Read more: Nordpiloterne


DANSK + is a development project that KL, LO and DA have initiated in the context of the four-party agreement between the government and the three organizations on strengthening employment-oriented integration.

Read more: Dansk+

KomSim (The Communications Simulator)


The project aims to test if the technology being used in the Dansksimulator (Danish Language Simulator) platform can also be successfully used in rehabilitating  the verbal language skills of seniors with brain damage.

Read more: KomSim (The Communications Simulator)



The project aims at transforming Dansksimulatoren (Danish simulator) so it can also be used by children receiving instruction in Danish as a second language in general education as well as in reception classes.

Read more: KidSim

Digital formativ sprogscreening på EUD (Digital formative language screening at VET Schools)


The project aims to develop a digital language screening tool for technical/vocational training. It builds on, among others, VIFIN’s existing language screening tools (see here: (se her).

Read more: Digital formativ sprogscreening på EUD (Digital formative language screening at VET Schools)


The aim of the project was to develop a 3D virtual game universe for learning Danish language and culture.

Read more: Dansksimulatoren

L2 Mathematics


Many of the bilingual adults who participate in the Nordic countries' second language teaching (L2 education) also need to upgrade their skills in mathematics.

Read more: L2 Mathematics

Children of the Sound Region


The project aimed to develop children’s inter-cultural competencies and communication skills, and support integration between the Danish and the Swedish part of Øresund.

Read more: Children of the Sound Region

Welcome Package for Migrant Workers


This project aimed to help prepare migrant workers to work in other countries.

Read more: Welcome Package for Migrant Workers

Medics on the Move


Medics On the Move (MoM) aimed to provide medical professionals working abroad with linguistic tools that will help them function more effectively in the foreign language environment.

Read more: Medics on the Move

Learning by Doing


Learning by Doing aimed to facilitate the exchange of best practices on integration of migrants and refugees to society, especially in relation to their integration to the labour market.

Read more: Learning by Doing

Languages from the Cradle


Languages from the Cradle aimed at promoting the learning of European languages, particularly the less widely used and taught languages through lullabies.

Read more: Languages from the Cradle

Language & Culture Explorers Club


Language and Culture Explorers Club aimed to motivate and encourage people to communicate and learn Germanic and Baltic languages as well as discover different European cultures.

Read more: Language & Culture Explorers Club

Double Bubble


The project used innovative advertising tools to promote the multilingual comprehension of Germanic languages (Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic).

Read more: Double Bubble


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