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Challenges of the Region: Depopulation Control, Development – best practices (DeCoDe)

The objective of the project is to exchange strategies and good practices about depopulation issues and to discuss how rural areas can be made attractive.

Read more: Challenges of the Region: Depopulation Control, Development – best practices (DeCoDe)


The objective of CRISCO (Crossroad of the Regions) is to create and inspire initiatives that promote social inclusion by strengthening mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue, inter alia, through a greater involvement of all citizens in the community.

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The Learning Society


The objective of the project is to establish cross-sectoral and interregional cooperation between partners in Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Estonia. The partners will experiment with developing new, resilient and more flexible and adjustable learning formats that fit society in the future, where lifelong learning is even more necessary than it is today.

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EPICURO (European Partnership for Innovative Cities within an Urban Resilience Outlook) is a project that focuses on strengthening urban resilience and adaptation to climate change - especially floods.

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The aim of the project Welcome (Welcome to Universities and Higher Education) is to overcome the challenges of refugees to access higher education (universities, etc.), and to support their already obtained qualifications and preparatory training in order for them to be able use their education and continue to develop in their host countries.

Read more: Welcome


The aim of ELAINE (European Local Authorities Integration Network) is to exchange experiences, ideas and best practices as well as to increase knowledge and develop recommendations on the integration process on both a local, national and European level.

Read more: ELAINE



SMR (Smart Mature Resilience) is a project that will develop and validate Resilience Management Guidelines, using three pilot projects covering different CI security sectors, as well as climate change and social dynamics.

Read more: SMR



The LADDER project aims to support actions in Europe in raising awareness and strengthening the capacity of associations of local authorities and civil society organizations to act in a sustainable way as drivers for development, fostering their role of multipliers within their countries, communities and networks, to develop a multi-level active engagement in global challenges.

Read more: LADDER



The DECIDE project (DEmocratic Compact: Improving Democracy in Europe) consists of a thematic network of cities that work together to develop a collection of best practices that can help enhance the quality of democracy and citizenship in Europe.

Read more: DECIDE

Smart U Vejle


On a general level, the project is about linking universities' education and research to Vejle. The idea is to provide easier and more targeted access to university activities such as master’s modules and online teaching, research collaboration, study guidance and good internships.

Read more: Smart U Vejle

Elders in Action


The european project “Elders in Action”, aimed at gathering the citizens of 5 European Countries and their representatives in order to share and discuss good practices, ideas and innovative instruments to promote common actions on Active Ageing.

Read more: Elders in Action

Youth Fight for Democracy


The project aimed at engaging vulnerable young people and minorities in issues of democracy and active participation in society.

Read more: Youth Fight for Democracy

Inclusion Power


This project originated from the PAV project (supported by the EU’s Equal program). Included in PAV was the dissemination of experiences from the project in two transnational partnerships. 

Read more: Inclusion Power

Wide Incorporation of Social Education of Adults from Nordic Baltic Peripheral Areas (WISE)


The project aimed to create a network that would identify most effective ways for educating Lithuanians, Latvians, Icelanders, Swedish, Norwegians and Danish especially from peripheral areas about social environment, culture and labour market (further in the text term 'socio – cultural' education will be used) in Nordplus region.

Read more: Wide Incorporation of Social Education of Adults from Nordic Baltic Peripheral Areas (WISE)

Police’s Itineraries in the Multi-Professional Network for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (ITER)


Together with a multi professional network (including among others, the police and SSP) the project aimed to prevent criminality among young people.

Read more: Police’s Itineraries in the Multi-Professional Network for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency...

Focus Integration


The Focus Integration project endeavored to identify the initiatives and contributions of migrants’ self-help organizations in promoting their integration to their adapted country.

Read more: Focus Integration

Vejen Frem


Vejen frem (The Road Forward) focused on the success stories of a group of migrants and refugees who came to Denmark as adults – aiming to inspire other migrants and refugees.

Read more: Vejen Frem

Prostitution & Trafficking of Women


The project aimed to build equal conditions and rights – socially, health wise, and economically. Moreover, the project aimed to create a debate on prostitution and create better understanding of the issues among the citizens and politicians as well.

Read more: Prostitution & Trafficking of Women



The aim of Netværksmægler (Promotion of Social Networks) was to develop a training course for integration gatekeepers -- i.e., caseworkers, guidance counsellors, teachers, consultants, project staff and coordinators in the municipalities, employment offices, private organisations and companies -- professionals involved in the integration of migrants and refugees.

Read more: Netværksmægler

Actvise – Forum Theatre


The project aimed to improve the competences of teachers and guidance counselors by providing them with an innovative pedagogical tool – the Forum Theatre technique and use of the mobile technology  to motivate high risk-students (migrants and socially at risk groups) to complete an education.

Read more: Actvise – Forum Theatre

TOGETHER for Human Rights


The project endeavoured to collect and compare the different approaches of Human Rights Education in the partner countries.

Read more: TOGETHER for Human Rights

Young Ambassadors for Democracy and Inclusion


The project aimed to build competences of young people already engaged in volunteer activities, thus creating a resourceful group of young people capable of disseminating the thought and reflections about active citizenship and democracy, and self-sufficiency.

Read more: Young Ambassadors for Democracy and Inclusion

WI-CaN (Women, Integration, Crafts and Networking)


The project sought to integrate socially isolated migrant women through cooking and nutrition, crafts (e.g. sewing and needlework) and cultural exchange.

Read more: WI-CaN (Women, Integration, Crafts and Networking)

Taste Different


The project aims to promote social inclusion by sharing the participating countries’ cultural heritage and providing participants with new skills through cooking: sharing recipes, sharing the tradition of using spices, etc.

Read more: Taste Different


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