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Hunt for Europe (2019) - is a beginner’s material for learning Danish, English, German, Spanish, Italian or Greek. Hunt for Europe is designed as a computer game where you learn the language of the respective country, while in a 3D universe, you chase Beethoven, Harald Blåtand, Queen Isabel, the Greek philosopher Pherekydes, St. Brendan the Navigator from Ireland or Camillo Benzo, who united Italy.

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(2017) is a material with job-specific teaching and inspiration modules, primarily intended for foreigners who either come to Denmark to work in the specific field or are already here. So far, there is material for social & health workers and au pairs and a more general module.

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StartDansk (2016) is an online material for the Language Centers’ Danish Education 1, Module 1 and 2. It consists of a course section that allows the students to work independently with the language acquisition and a teacher section with inspiration for supplementary class activities.

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Dansksimulatoren (2012) (Danish simulator) is an online language and culture learning game. Dansksimulatoren targets instruction in Danish as a second language for adults.

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Online Dansk (2013) is a free online language learning platform, primarily aimed at people who want to learn Danish before moving to Denmark. The platform can also be used by people who have already moved to Denmark, who wish to enhance their language capabilities. Online Dansk addresses both people who have never spoken Danish before as well as people who have some knowledge of Danish.

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MobiDic (2009) is dictionaries targeting social and health care, transportation and construction trades. The dictionaries can be accessed online and from ordinary mobile phone and is available with translations in English, German and Polish.

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Travellingua (2008) is an online phrasebook with typical topics relevant to tourists.

Read more: Travellingua

Vores Fællessprog (2008) (Our common language) is an online grammar. The Danish grammar is explained in Danish and 10 other languages.

Read more: Vores fællessprog (2007) (Danish now) is an online learning universe. provides access to virtual learning, a collection of materials and grammar aimed at Danish as a second language, a pronunciation workshop, where it is possible to train single sounds like pressure and rhythm at sentence level, and a task workshop where teachers can make different types of exercises and games for students.

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EUD sprogscreening (2010) is an online language screening tool aimed at vocational education.

Read more: EUD Sprogscreening

Bag facaden (2010) is an online video-based language and cultural learning material.

Read more: Bag facaden


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