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Smart Mature Resilience (2018) – is a project that, supported by the EU programme Horizon 2020, developed a guideline and a number of tools for assessment and strengthening of urban resilience. All products are freely available at

Read more: Smart Mature Resilience

Er du kommende ny forælder i folkeskolen? På får du viden om 0.-3. årgang generelt, for dit barn og for dig som forælder. Siden er lavet med tanke for forældre med anden etnisk baggrund end dansk - men giver god viden til ALLE.

Are you a future new parent in the Danish primary school? At you get knowledge about 0.-3. grade in general as well as for your child and for you as a parent. The site is made for parents with ethnic minority background - but provides good knowledge for EVERYONE.

Do you work with refugees / migrants? Then take a look around you find manuals for courses on culture, cultural encounters and the language of cultural encounters.You will also find analyzes and recommendations in this field.


Do you want to become better at assessing how good your institution is at involving refugees / immigrants in the planning and design of education?

Project Prisma has developed an assessment form and an assessment grid that can be used to create dialogue and get an idea of the involvement level of your institution and what could be improved.

Find the resources here.

Do you want tools to support young people and adults in completing education or getting a job?

Project KNOW HUBs has i.a. developed a toolkit for you to act as a mentor.

Find the toolkit here.

Support the resilient city by also involving refugees / migrants.

Here you get information and tools to find out where you stand as a city and how you can strenghten your work.


With Stronger Together, you get both teaching material, a digital board game and a handbook for your work with 10-12 year olds on anti-radicalization.

Find it all here.

How do we ensure lifelong flexible and robust learning in organizations?

Get recommendations based on four cases in project: The Learning Society.

Find them here, where you can also find the full report.

Do you want to improve adult education, on a small or larger scale? Design thinking can be used to develop new methods and products.

Project Design Thinking in Adult Learning gives you both a thorough introduction to design thinking as a method and a guide to holding workshops in the method.

Find it all here.


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