Departments or institutions in Vejle Municipality that are about to undergo change or development, and need help to get safely through the process, can be supported in this from VIFIN. We can also provide inspiration to and support new meeting forms and processes that involve the participants actively.

At VIFIN, we have the skills to prepare, execute and evaluate processes that:

  • Are inspiring and engaging
  • Are creative and innovative
  • Contribute to organizational learning and development
  • End out with concrete possibilities and action plans

Whether it is a small or large group, we focus on creating a dynamic where everyone participates actively, engages himself or herself and contributes to the process.

It is important for us that we can jointly create the best possible outcome for you. Therefore, we attach high importance to the dialogue that precedes the actual process.

The possibilities of applying facilitation are manifold, and it gives potential for creating situations with energy and meaning, for instance in relation to:

  • Meetings and events
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Development and change processes
  • Generating and qualifying ideas as well as project development


Do you wish to learn more about the possibilities, please contact:

Anette Grunnet
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Tel. +45 7681 3882