Shaping Fair Cities

Shaping Fair Cities - integrating Agenda 2030 within local policies in times of great migration and refugees flows. A campaign and advocacy project led and implemented by LAs.

The purpose of the project is to promote an understanding of the different roles and responsibilities of local authorities and citizens in relation to the interdependent world of sustainable development.

At the same time, efforts are made to promote the importance of localising Agenda 2030/the UN Sustainable Development Goals through local action plans. This is achieved through activities that will increase knowledge and skills in order to localise Agenda 2030 among municipalities’ employees and politicians, as well as raising awareness among the citizens about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (especially focusing on migration/integration and gender/gender equality). In addition, local Agenda 2030 plans must be made in participating cities describing how to work with sustainable development during the years up to 2030.


  1. Research and survey: During the project start-up phase, research is carried out on existing initiatives in the participating cities as well as a survey among the citizens on their knowledge and attitudes towards sustainable development. All together, these activities provide the basis for the future focus of the project.
  2. Training and upskilling: In order to prepare the participating municipalities for working (more) with sustainable development, an international training will be held once in the autumn of 2018 for key personnel in the municipalities. Subsequently, skills acquisition is offered in partner countries, both locally and open to other municipalities. Furthermore, both local 'summer/winter schools' and one international summer school for students are held.
  3. Implementation tools: The project aims to develop various online tools; a platform to support development of local policies, and a platform for refugees/immigrants on sustainable development and resilience. In addition, a video documentary on the experiences of the partner countries will be produced.
  4. Monitoring local work: A monitoring model will be developed which municipalities may use to evaluate their work and progress in the local 2030 plans.
  5. Campaign and dissemination: In addition to dissemination of the project and local/national events, a media campaign will be put to tender on the project subject. The campaign will be offered in 2019.


The partnership consists of:


Shaping Fair Cities is financed by EuropeAid and will be implemented during the period December 2017-December 2020. 

More information

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