Nordens dage (Nordic Days)


The project aims to strengthen pupils' understanding of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish languages and to awaken an interest and curiosity in the Nordic region.


The project runs a course for pupils in the 8th grade in the Nordic countries: Finland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Åland Islands and Denmark. The focal point is an online platform. Here, students can meet, talk, learn to know each other and get help from each other to solve the tasks assigned to them that are also published on the site. On the platform, pupils can also access educational materials in the form of text (fiction and nonfiction), as well as links to movies and music.

A closed forum for the participating teachers is established on the website, where they, too, can communicate and exchange ideas.


The project is implemented by VIFIN, and collaborates with Vejle Municiplaity’s twin cities, Molde, Borås og Mikkeli. A total of 15 schools from the Nordic countries participate in the project. 


The project has been supported by Vejle Municipality, the Nordplus Programme under Nordisk Råd (Nordic Council), the Ministry of Education, Fondet for Dansk-Norsk Samarbejde, Nordisk Kulturfond and Clara Lachmanns Fond.

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