Smart U Vejle


On a general level, the project is about linking universities' education and research to Vejle. The idea is to provide easier and more targeted access to university activities such as master’s modules and online teaching, research collaboration, study guidance and good internships.

The objective is to have qualified employees at the companies, access to new knowledge, suitable education for employees, municipality and companies, and good study guidance.

The intent with Smart U Vejle is, in the end, to support all citizens' access to further education. For example, citizens from vulnerable areas or so-called expats who have come to Denmark with their working spouse and want to continue their education or finish an already started education.

The project defines and tests a hybrid between several university functions. The activities are therefore ongoing, but based on the following 5 pillars that play together:



Smart U Vejle consists of sub-projects granted from different programs.

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