The Learning Society


The objective of the project is to establish cross-sectoral and interregional cooperation between partners in Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Estonia. The partners will experiment with developing new, resilient and more flexible and adjustable learning formats that fit society in the future, where lifelong learning is even more necessary than it is today.

The project is going to capacity-build partners in new ways of designing learning situations and courses, but will also serve as a development platform and a pilot project for further projects.

Through the network, the partners exchange experiences, best practices and knowledge as well as develop new ideas and concepts for learning and teaching. In addition, the project will conduct 4 pilot tests of learning formats designed for 4 different cases in the four partner countries. Finally, the partners will develop a list of recommendations for how to support lifelong learning through flexible design of learning situations in accordance with a specific audience's needs and situation.

The project is disseminated through local activities, and a final conference aimed at relevant actors in the education sector, where the results of the project are disseminated and participants are invited to further develop concepts and ideas for further development and projects.

VIFIN is coordinator of the project, which is carried out in collaboration with:

The project is funded by the Nordplus Horizontal Nordic Program, and is being implemented in the period September 2016 to August 2018.

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