The objective of CRISCO (Crossroad of the Regions) is to create and inspire initiatives that promote social inclusion by strengthening mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue, inter alia, through a greater involvement of all citizens in the community.

The partner countries all face challenges with social inclusion. During the project, they will develop different local initiatives aimed at better integration among their own populations, and will share experiences with implementing a bottom-up approach:

Putting together a well-balanced, local panel of stakeholders consisting of both citizens, associations, NGOs, experts and authorities, whose task is to review and assess local integration initiatives
Exchanging experience with the rest of the network, especially at the 4 transnational theme meetings held in Etterbeek, Strasbourg, Bassano and Vejle. Here they will share their results and recommendations in order to contribute to the EU program Europe for Citizens.
CRISCO wants to share the experiences of integration initiatives and the findings with the wider European community, and for this purpose, the project will publish a handbook that contains cases and recommendations for better social inclusion.

The project is carried out in collaboration between:

The project is supported by the EU program Europe for Citizens. It will be implemented in 2017-19.

More information
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