The aim of ELAINE (European Local Authorities Integration Network) is to exchange experiences, ideas and best practices as well as to increase knowledge and develop recommendations on the integration process on both a local, national and European level.

Moreover, the project aims to foster a sustainable, long-lasting cooperation between the participating partners as well as the participants themselves.


The project consists of five international conferences, one in each participating country. Each conference will focus on one specific theme on integration. The primary target group of the conferences is professional officials from public organizations and civil society organizations working with migrants and refugees. There will also be a final conference in Brussels which focuses on disseminating the project results to relevant EU networks and policy makers. The conferences will take place on the following dates:


Partners in the project are:

VIFIN’s national project partner is the Danish Refugee Council.


The project is funded by the EU programme Europe for Citizens (Network of Towns). It will be carried out January 2016 – October 2017.

More information

The project has a LinkedIn group that will be a forum for active participation and exchange of experiences in-between the international conferences: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8472094