Wide Incorporation of Social Education of Adults from Nordic Baltic Peripheral Areas (WISE)


The project aimed to create a network that would identify most effective ways for educating Lithuanians, Latvians, Icelanders, Swedish, Norwegians and Danish especially from peripheral areas about social environment, culture and labour market (further in the text term 'socio – cultural' education will be used) in Nordplus region.


The project’s main focus was to create a network that would focus in finding best methods to educate adult in socio-cultural field. There is a need to educate people (especially from peripheral areas) about social and cultural environment in other countries. It was envisioned that this would lead towards tolerance, understanding, integration and solving important problems in the Nordplus region.


Partners in the project were:


The project was financed by Nordplus Adult Funds and was carried out 2009-2011.

More information

For more information, see: www.wise-wise.eu