Young Ambassadors for Democracy and Inclusion


The project aimed to build competences of young people already engaged in volunteer activities, thus creating a resourceful group of young people capable of disseminating the thought and reflections about active citizenship and democracy, and self-sufficiency.


The project built on experiences made by youth who were participating in volunteer social and or employment generation projects. They were identified through local initiatives currently being implemented in their local environments. In Vejle, young people from the project Youth Fight for Democracy participated.

These young people were trained as facilitators/mentors, which provided them with knowledge and competencies and helped them succeed as active, participating citizens along with the ability to share this with other young people from their community.

A youth seminar was held in Larnaca, Cyprus where 6 role models from each of the participating countries exchanged experiences, good practice and recommendations in context of common challenges.


Partners in the project were: