Police’s Itineraries in the Multi-Professional Network for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (ITER)


Together with a multi professional network (including among others, the police and SSP) the project aimed to prevent criminality among young people.


Tools that are normally used among young people, like the mobile phones and computers – through mobile games -- was used to influence the young peoples’ attitude towards crime and what is right and wrong.  The project also produced a practical guide (handbook) for developing of school talks for teachers and other professionals working with young people and the prevention of crime among young people.

The project was carried out from 2009 -2010.


Partners in this project:


The project was financed by EU’s Integration of Third Country Nationals (INTI) programme.

More information

Access to the game Teen City: http://www.dip-alicante.es/iter/teencity/teen_city_en.html