The project explored the possibilities of using 'MobiSticks' (2D codes) in teaching and communication. 

A MobiStick can be read by mobile phones. With a MobiStick, you can download information directly onto your mobile phone. It can be text, a video clip, an audio file, an image or a website.


The project has produced case videos and examples of MobiSticks, used in teaching in an elementary school and a language center. These are available on the site, where you can also create a user and produce your own MobiSticks.

Partnership was the result of a collaboration between VIFIN, Scanbuy, Webbureauet Re:, Nørremarksskolen in Vejle, Lærdansk in Aarhus, Vejle Museum, Økolariet in Vejle, Vejle City Archives and the Center for Special Education for Adults in Vejle.


MobiSticks was financed by IT- og Telestyrelsen and TrygFonden.

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