Jelling – the kingdom and the regent


The objective of the project was to develop an online teaching material for pupils in grade 3-5 about King Harald Blåtand and his son Svend Tveskæg.


In 6 chapters, 30 short stories about the time from Svend's childhood and up to his power takeover are told. For each story there is a short read-out picture story and a question that the pupils have to work with.

The material supports different learning styles so that you can work visually, auditively, tactically and kinesthetically with the questions.

Students will also produce their own stories about the topis, and this will be done in collaboration with Skoletube from LærIt, which many schools subscribe to.



The project was conducted in collaboration between:


The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture. The material was completed in May 2013.

More information

The material is available at