DANSK + is a development project that KL, LO and DA have initiated in the context of the four-party agreement between the government and the three organizations on strengthening employment-oriented integration.

Job centers and language centers from 18 municipalities participate together with VIFIN in the development of tools and implementation of upgrading courses.

The objective of Dansk + is that immigrants with poor Danish skills get closer to the labour market. The idea behind the project is to strengthen language skills through an integrated interaction between formal language teaching and individual language training courses at a workplace.

The target group is unemployed immigrants who have been in Denmark for a number of years, who have no more right to Danish Education at the language centres and who have not achieved sufficient Danish skills to get a permanent connection to the labour market.

The project will develop 6 tools to be used for upgrading courses:

VIFIN is responsible for developing the progression tool and test and visitation tool together with the Municipality of Vejle, Fredericia Municipality, Albertslund Municipality and Brøndby Municipality; but also functions as a sparring partner for the development of the other tools.

The tools will be developed in spring 2015.

More information
See: www.danskplus.dk.