The project is about learning neighboring languages in the 5th, 6th and 7th grade in primary schools. Learning neighboring languages is considered a shortcut to learning foreign languages, opening up new opportunities for working with linguistic awareness and becoming more aware of your own language and culture.

In addition, neighboring language competence allows for communication with other northerners in their own language, which will significantly expand the pupils' language horizons.

Nordpiloterne is an interactive digital learning course that focuses on the three neighboring languages: Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. It originates from the project Nordens dage, but is carried out in close cooperation with the so-called Sprogpiloter ( Thus, sprogpiloter from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and their pupils participate in the project.

A common platform, built around Google Apps for Education, serves as the focal point and gathering place for the participating students, teachers and the team behind the project. The platform allows students to communicate with each other orally as well as in writing, as they know it from their own social media. They can also upload their own movies, images and music that they can show to each other and work with in groups across classes and borders.

The course Nordpiloterne takes place as joint “event days” in the spring. Before that, the participating language pilots / teachers meet on a 3-day seminar, where they will jointly produce teaching materials for the course.

In connection with the project, the Dansklærerforeningen publishes a booklet of short stories in the 3 neighboring languages.

The project is being implemented by VIFIN in cooperation with:

Nordpiloterne is supported by Nordplus and Fondet for Dansk-Norsk Samarbejde.

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