Language & Culture Explorers Club


Language and Culture Explorers Club aimed to motivate and encourage people to communicate and learn Germanic and Baltic languages as well as discover different European cultures.


Young adults were encouraged to learn other Baltic/Germanic languages through travelling, communicating with pen friends and using mass media in a target language.
A website was set-up addressed at adults who would like to learn one of the target languages (Danish, Lithuanian, Swedish). Aside from learning materials, the website offered professional assistance from language teachers and an online club where people could meet their pen friends. The project also produced a CD and phrase book with linguistic materials for survival-level linguistic competence.


The partnership was composed of:


The project was funded by the EU Lifelong Learning – Lingua 1 Programme. It ran from 2006 to 2008.

More information

Access the phrase book at: It is also possible to order a printed version (”Phrasebook”) by contacting VIFIN.