The aim of the project was to develop a 3D virtual game universe for learning Danish language and culture.

DanskSimulatoren contributes to a further streamlining of language training for adult immigrants, reduces the need for teacher resources and ensures a greater focus on the individual student's needs and training opportunities.

DanskSimulatoren combines two applications: DUT (Digital Pronunciation Trainer) and TLCTS (Tactical Language and Culture Training System), which is known from the U.S. military.

The student interacts in the game with the virtual Danish community and solves specific tasks in different scenarios.

DanskSimulatoren was completed in 2012.


The project was anchored at VIFIN in cooperation with Troels Myram, Serious Games Interactive and a number of language schools in Denmark.


The project was funded by The Fund for Welfare Technology (administered by the Danish Ministry of Finance).

More information

For more information on Dansksimulatoren, go to: www.dansksimulatoren.dk

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