Danish Daily Life on Video


The project aimed to create and disseminate a tool that will facilitate a basic understanding of what it means to be Danish, among ethnic minorities who have limited contact to Danes and the Danish daily life.


Danish Daily Life on Video (DDV) produced simple video clips that provide the basis for teaching and debating among ethnic minorities on Danish values in relation to schooling, education and democracy, among others. The film clips can be used by language schools and other learning institutions on teaching Danish as a Second Language.

The DDV platform also has a simple tool that enables teachers and students to upload film sequences via mobile phones. A further advantage of DDV lies in its subtitles, integrating students on different levels of Danish proficiency into the debates.


The project was financed by the Danish Ministry of Integration under the auspices of the program, “Strengthening Integration Initiatives, and ran from 2008-2010.

More information

For more information, visit http://ddv.dansk.nu