Learning by Doing


Learning by Doing aimed to facilitate the exchange of best practices on integration of migrants and refugees to society, especially in relation to their integration to the labour market.


A survey was conducted to identify employers’ expectations of migrants’ knowledge of the national language and their understanding of the values and rules at the workplace. The survey also attempted to identify the barriers to migrants’ learning of and training in a second language.

Results of the survey should serve as basis for planning of better and more effective language and labour market training courses, and for dialogues with employers on the facilitation of better integration to the labour market.

Information exchange among the partners was done through information sharing among language teachers, and a website where the best practice of the partner organisations were collected.


Partners in project:


The project was funded by the European Commission-Socrates Grundtvig 2 Learning Partnerships Programme. It was completed in August 2006.

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Download the publication Learning by Doing – Best Practices on Integration of Migrants to the Labour Market