The aim of Netværksmægler (Promotion of Social Networks) was to develop a training course for integration gatekeepers -- i.e., caseworkers, guidance counsellors, teachers, consultants, project staff and coordinators in the municipalities, employment offices, private organisations and companies -- professionals involved in the integration of migrants and refugees.


The course provided these professionals with different competencies and tools in building and strengthening of social networks, as well as understanding of the networks’ functions in facilitating migrant integration to, for example, the labour market in particular, and in the Danish society in general. The project facilitated the development of training materials on networking.

The project was developed in partnership with other Equal-Denmark grantee organizations, as a follow-up to the EU Social Fund/Equal-supported project, På Vej til Arbejde (PAV).


Partners in this project:


The project was funded by the EU Equal programme. It was implemented 2004-2005.