Labour Market Inclusion through E-Learning for Vulnerable Groups (LMIEL)


The project aimed to promote e-learning tools for the labour market inclusion of refugees or asylum seekers in Slovakia and other vulnerable groups.


The vulnerable groups received work-/business-oriented education, while professional workers were trained on providing advice for income-generating initiatives (business or employment). The project included the following elements:

  1. Job-oriented language combined with training on e-learning for tutors working with migrants, 
  2. Learning modules for jobseekers advisors and social workers; 
  3. Ethnic entrepreneurs – e-learning helping the target group to start their own companies, and 
  4. Adult Directions Multimedia - career e-learning tool for Career Diagnostic, IAG & ‘Jobsearch Training’ programmes. 


Partners in this project:


This project was financed by EU’s Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Programme. It was carried out from 2008 to 2010.