Ethnic entrepreneurs


The project aimed to help ethnic minorities to successfully start their own business.


The project focused on identifying appropriate content and materials and developing a training program designed to improve the skills and competencies of new and prospective ethnic entrepreneurs. The target group was involved in all stages of the project through focus group interviews and usability testing.

Prior to its actual rollout, the project gathered the experiences of current ethnic entrepreneurs, and conducted training needs analysis of new and prospective ethnic business owners. The project also drew inspiration from the experiences of other regions that have experiences with the skills upgrading of the target group.

The project developed the portal,, containing inspiration and advice for ethnic entrepreneurs, including tools such as linguistically tailored business plan and budget forms. The project carried out a number of inspiration evenings and mini courses for ethnic entrepreneurs. It ended with an inspirational seminar for business advisors. The project also published a mini guide for advisors.


The project was implemented by VIFIN in partnership with Vejle Erhvervsudvikling (Business Development Office), Vejle Handelsskole (Business College), Iværkcenter Vejle Amt (Regional Business Development Office) and the Integration Counsel in Vejle.


The project was financed by the Regional Social Fund and the Local Employment Counsel in Vejle. It ran from 2005 to 2007.

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You can also download the mini guide Vejledning af etniske iværksættere.