E-learning to Live in a Dynamic Europe (ELLDE)


The project aims to support adults -- second chance learners -- who have not completed an education or are looking to improve their skills and competences by providing them the possibility to develop their IT skills, knowledge about European culture and the labour market.


The project developed a website that provides students with information on culture and labour market in the partner countries in Europe, e.g. Romania, Italy, Latvia, Turkey and Denmark.

The project also endeavored to improve and to prepare the students to the labour market through the learning method “Practice Firm” and through creating their own digital portfolios.

A final conference was held for teachers and other stakeholders to disseminate the experiences with the project.


Partners in this project:


The project was financed by the EU- LLP Grundtvig Multilateral Partnerships programme. It was carried out from September 2008 to July 2010.