E-learning at the Workplace


The project aimed to develop methods on workplace-related language teaching for bilinguals.


In course of the project, electronic-based teaching materials were developed for bilinguals who are either employed or are doing internships in the social and health (SOSU) sector. This sector was chosen for pilot testing because a lot of bilingual workers are being recruited in this sector.

A focus group composed of bilingual students with experience in the social and health sector was formed. Material development was then based on the key elements identified by the focus group. The themes, telephone calls and journal writing, were eventually chosen as focus areas.
The materials were posted to the website, www.danskakademiet.dk (no longer online), and was tested by SOSU trainees. The training design was composed of self-study and "live-teaching" with the use of headsets and web cameras.


The project was implemented by VIFIN in partnership with the IT firm, Futurecom and the Social and Health Schools in Århus and Fredericia.


The project was supported by the Danish Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation. It ran 2004-2005.