EPICURO (European Partnership for Innovative Cities within an Urban Resilience Outlook) is a project that focuses on strengthening urban resilience and adaptation to climate change - especially floods.

The project aims to foster multi-actor transnational cooperation and enhance knowledge about technology solutions available to local communities, as well as to increase Civil Protection teams’ specialisation and enhance policy and institutional commitment for increasing public support and citizens’ capacities for building resilience within their communities.


The project’s main activities are as follows:

To detect EU and international best practices and technologies of urban resilience to disasters
To train civil protection teams on the most effective and efficient use of available technology
To actively involve policy-makers and decision-makers in the development of at least 1 pilot actions in each involved territorial entity
To inform and train citizens about the meaning of resilience and about how they can contribute to a more resilient city



EPICURO is supported by the EU programme Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO). The project runs from February 2017 through January 31st 2019.

More information
Find more information on the project’s own website: http://www.epicurocp.eu/
You can also follow the project on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epicurocivilprotection/

The project has released two publications:


Report on Analysis of EPICURO Best Practice Indicators for Resilience Initiatives